Smog Cloud Madness

Next you need to tell the raindrop what to do when it collides with the star block.

Double click the raindrop object. When the object properties window appears click the add event button and select collision from the event selector window. From the drop-down menu select the star object.

From the main2 tab at the right of the object properties window, drag the destroy instance action to the actions column. When the "Destroy Action" settings window appears, click ok. You'll see the action appear in the actions column.

Double-click room0 in the rooms folder. When the room properties window appears, your star object should appear in the object tab. If it is not there, click the context menu and select the star object from the drop-down menu. Place one star in the room.

Click the green checkmark button to save the changes to the room.

Time to test your progress!

Click the run the game button.

Once the game is running, you should see the star block you added to the game space. If you set-up your objects correctly, when you get all of the raindrops to the star block the game will restart. If the star block is behaving strangely, check the help file named helpFile02.gmk in the files you downloaded earlier. Compare your work with this file to see if you can find the problem and correct it.

When you are done testing click the red 'x' at the top right-hand side of the game window or press the escape button (esc) on the keyboard.