Smog Cloud Madness

Now that you are all ready you want to create the cloud block. Many games use obstacles like walls, fences and blocks to create a game space. These obstacles limit how players move in the space and often times create challenges for the player.

To create the cloud block click on the create the sprite button. When the sprite properties window appears, double-click the name field and type spr_cloudBlock.


Naming your sprites in this way helps you keep track of the fact that they are sprites instead of something else, such as an object, room, or sound. It's not necessary for the game to work, but it's just a good practice that game designers use.

Click the load sprite button. From the resource files you downloaded earlier, select the sprite named cloudBlock and then click open. You will see the sprite you selected appear in the sprite properties window.

Click ok to save the sprite. You'll see the sprite you created in the sprites folder.

Click the create an object button. When the object properties window appears, double-click the name field and type obj_cloudBlock.

You use obj to remind yourself that this cloud block is an object, not a sprite or a room.

Click the context menu and select the cloud block sprite from the drop down menu. Select the solid checkbox to make the object solid.

Click ok to save the object. You'll see the object you created in the object folder.


Sprite is the word game designers use for a picture. Since sprites cannot be told what to do, you have to create something the sprite sits in. This is called an object. When you give objects instructions they'll follow those instructions over and over again. That's why you make a cloud sprite then make a cloud object to represent it.