Smog Cloud Madness

Now that you have a raindrop object and a cloud object, you need to set-up an event that tells the raindrop what to do when it collides with the cloud block.

Click the add event button and select collision. When the drop down menu appears choose the cloud block object. You'll see the event you selected appear in the events column.

From the move tab at the right of the object properties window, drag the move fixed action into the actions column. When the move fixed settings window appears, click on the center square button so that it changes color from blue to red.

Click the ok button to save the move fixed action. You'll see the action you selected appear in the actions column.

Now that you have two objects for the game, set up the game space. The game space defines the setting for the game as well as the space where the game takes place. You also need to create a game space to test your objects and see how they behave.

Start by clicking the create a room button. When the room properties window appears, select the settings tab. Then change the width from 640 to 480 and the height from 480 to 640.

Click the backgrounds tab. Double-click the color selector and choose a shade of blue. Then click ok to save your color. You'll see the color of your background change to the color you selected.

Click the objects tab and then click the context menu to select the cloud block. Once the cloud block is selected make a maze using the tops two-thirds of the game space.

Remember: left-clicking in the room allows you to place a cloud block and right clicking allows you to remove it.

Once you complete your maze, select the raindrop object and put three raindrops in the game space.

Click the green checkmark button to save the room. You'll see the room you created appear in the room folder.