Smog Cloud Madness

Open the Software

Open up Game Maker 8 from your Program Files or Applications folder. When the title screen appears, click the button that says “Continue to use the light edition.”

Enable Advanced Mode

Before you get started, make sure Game Maker is in Advanced Mode (Look at that, you’re already Advanced! Way to go). This mode will unlock special options for you to work with.

Click on File in the Game Maker menu. When the drop down menu appears you will see an item named Advanced Mode. If there is a checkmark next to Advanced Mode then you are all set to go. Otherwise click Advanced Mode from the drop down menu.

Save Your Game

Click on File again and select Save. You can give your file any name you want, though we suggest you use “Solarball” somewhere in the name to help you keep track of your file. Make sure to save often, just in case!