Smog Cloud Madness

Now that you have completed all the steps to the game save your progress by clicking the save the game button and enter a name for it in the filename field.

Your challenge is to make a three level version of Smog Cloud Madness. As you plan your levels you may want to consider how many raindrops to include in each level, the complexity of the maze and how many factories you choose to include. If you'd like you can also back and change the speed of the timers.

When you finished making your three level game, make sure to test the game out with your friends. Testing games in an important part of game design and all game designers do it because it helps them realize what players like about their game and what needs to be fixed.

Once you feel that you game is complete, upload the .gmk file to the Activate website by logging into your account and uploading the file from the game submission page.

If you want to create a stand alone game for yourself, click the create a stand-alone button in Game Maker.